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Nike Soccers Green Monday 2015 - Slain honor student Matthew Hall was an innocent bystander in a melee between rival gangs who were renewing a fight that began earlier in the day over a girl, police sources said. Hall, 18, was shot in the back Wednesday after attending a meeting of the Universal Zulu Nation, the hip-hop cultural group in which he was a rising star. The Nike Soccers Green Monday 2015 promising Hunter College sophomore was walking west on West 125th Street near Malcolm X Boulevard with two or three friends after the meeting when he stopped to talk with a street vendor. Thats when a fight began between the two groups, some of whom may be members of the notorious Bloods street gang. A shot was fired and Hall started running, Nike Soccers Green Monday 2015 and thats when he was hit in the back, police sources said. Witnesses gave a different account of events, saying Hall was an active participant in the melee. They said Hall and some friends got into a fight with two men on bikes, who gathered reinforcements and chased them down. A street vendor said that a few blocks away, she saw Nike Soccers Green Monday 2015 two Hispanic or light-skinned black teens on small trick bikes roll onto the sidewalk behind the group of friends. She saw them argue. The vendor and other witnesses say Hall and his friends beat up the other teens, who abandoned their bikes and ran off. The friends kicked the bikes away and walked off quickly toward Fifth Avenue. Then, at least Nike Soccers Green Monday 2015 three groups of guys were up on them, said William, a Harlem man who would only give his first name. [Halls] group started running. Thats when I knew something was about to go down, he said. The vendor said that a few minutes later, the teens with the bikes returned with 11 to 15 others, speeding in Halls direction. The woman Nike Soccers Green Monday 2015 said she gave her account to police Friday. Although several law-enforcement sources said they were unaware of her story. I could tell he was a sweet, polite young man, said the vendor, who insisted on anonymity out of fear of reprisals. Another witness, Angel Garcia, 27, has said he heard Hall breathe a dying description of his killer to cops. Police Nike Soccers Green Monday 2015 sources said Garcia has never spoken to detectives and that an EMS worker who picked up the student said Hall told them he didnt know who shot him.Additional reporting by Heidi Singer, Murray Weiss, Philip Messing and Larry Celona.Share this:FacebookTwitterGoogleWhatsappEmail .

A Los Angeles teenager has been arrested by Los Angeles authorities after being accused of stealing a piece of the damaged car that actor Paul Walker died in after crashing on Saturday. CNN reports that 18-year-old Jameson Witty was arrested in Tujunga, Calif., for the theft. According to the Los Angeles sheriff's department, a portion of the severely Nike Soccers Green Monday 2015 burned 2005 Porsche Carrera GT was taken when a tow truck carrying the vehicle from the accident scene stopped at a stoplight. A witness saw a male exit a vehicle that was following the tow truck, said the department on Friday. The male grabbed a piece of the wrecked Porsche off the tow truck bed.Authorities discovered a red Nike Soccers Green Monday 2015 T-top roof panel from a home in Canyon Country, which is located in the area where the accident occurred. And second suspect has also been identified according to officials. He is making plans to surrender. The pair could face charges of felony grand theft and tampering with evidence. Witty's bail was set at $20,000 bail at the sheriff’s Nike Soccers Green Monday 2015 Santa Clarita Valley station, reports KTLA. But authorities will not be realizing his booking photo. .